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Color mixer tool that helps you to mix two color with just few clicks.

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Simple to Use
Simple to Use

Color Mixer is really simple to use. You just select the two colors that you want to mix and the mixed color will be displayed, or select the color from the color paletter or enter the color codes and the color codes, along with the name will be displayed.

Instant Results
Instant Results

Results are displayed soon as you select the color and you don't have to wait for the generation of results.

Cross Platform
Cross Platform

Our website is platform independent. It works on both Window and iOS Operating systems and can be used without any downloads required.

Perfect Mix
Perfect Mix

Color Mixer gives you the perfect blend of the two colors that you select along with the HEX value and color name.

Advanced Information
Advanced Information

You don't only get to know the file type, but you also get advanced information like RGB, LAB, LUV values, shades and tints, color combinations and much more.

Absolutely Free
Absolutely Free

You can use our websites as many times as you want and you won't be charged for using our services.

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How to use Color Mixer tool

  1. Select the two colors which you want to mix
  2. The results are instant and the colors are mixed and shown as you choose the colors
  3. Click on the generated color to copy the HEX code and use it

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Select colors only by RGB values?

Color blender allows you multiple options like RGB, HSL and REX, where you can enter the required values or color codes and get the color of your choice.

How can I save the color codes generated?

Color Mixer allows you to Download the color codes of all the colors in the image. There are three files formats in which you can download the color codes. CSS, Scss, and Txt are the formats in which you can download the color codes.

How can I select my required color?

To select the color of your choice, click on the color picker. Hover the mouse on the color sheet, or enter RGB values as per your convenience. You can also click on the color picker tool to pick color from your screen.

What are Analogous colors?

Colors of the same luminance and saturation with hues that are adjacent on the color wheel, 30 degrees apart. There is a smooth transition between colors and can be used to create gradients.

Can I get the different RGB values in the selected shade with Color Mixer?

Yes, the Color Mixer tells you the exact RGB values of a select hue/color Advanced options like LAB, LUV, LCHAB, CMYK, XYZ and other color codes are also provided by the Color Mixer.

What is hue?

A hue is a a colour variation or gradation; Pale tones are used. The quality of light that determines whether an object's colour is red, blue, green, or yellow in relation to the spectrum. colour: all of the rainbow's hues the shape or appearance

What is the difference between shade and tint?

"A shade of color occurs when pure black is added to the color to make it darker. The more pure black you add the darker the color will become. Similarly, a tint occurs when pure white is added to the color to make it lighter. The more white you add the lighter the color will become. Color Mixer provides you with 10 different shades and tints to suit your requirements."

What is triadic?

Three colors spaced evenly along the color wheel, each 120 degrees of hue apart. Best to allow one color to dominate and use the others as accents.

What is split complemantay?

A color and two adjacent to its complement, +/-30 degrees of hue from the value opposite the main color. Bold like a straight complement, but more versatile.

I refreshed the browser by mistake. What do I do?

Since our website does not use any servers and does not store your data, the color code entered by you will not be saved. you will have to reenter the color code or select the color from the color pallete.

What are complementary colors?

A Complement is a color and its opposite on the color wheel, +180 degrees of hue. This is Highly contrasting and goes together very well. The Color Mixer finds you the exact opposite color on the color wheel, with the color code.

Is it safe to use?

Color Mixer is 100% safe to use. You can simply copy the color codes suggested by the Color Mixer and paste where you need them. No permission is required to use the website and its ad free!

Will I be charged to use the website?

Our website is absolutely free and you can use it as many times as you want. There are no free trial uses, after which you will have to pay for using our services. We won't charge you anything.

Will I have to create an account to use Color Mixer?

Our website does not require you to sign up or create an account. The platform is absolutely free and you can mix as many colors as you want.

Does it support both Android and iOS platforms?

Yes, our website works on browser, and therefore supports both iOS and Android platforms.

Which Windows versions does Color Mixer support?

Our website is completely web-based and therefore provides cross-platform support. This means that our tool supports all versions of Windows. It not only works on Windows operating system, but can work on any other operating system, that supports a browser.

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